Welcome! is an online gym and health/fitness blog where people can watch my easy to follow workout videos and gain some health/fitness related tips. My fitness videos are designed for you to utilise your body as your own gym and to develop physical strength in a more natural and fluid way through functional body movements. This can be done in the comfort of your own home, at the gym or outdoors in the park.  I hope to share with you all on a healthy & positive way of living life while incorporating fitness into it.



From as far back as I can remember I was involved in Athletics competing at County, Inter County and National level. I won the all Ireland's indoors championships at the age of 14 and I held the Dublin Cross Country title for a number of consecutive years in my teens. I then went on to continuously do well at County and National level in my teens.

Running was always in my blood as my Dad has been running from a young age and still does to this day. I have such fond memories of my athletics days competing in Santry Stadium in North Dublin and others locations around Ireland. During this time I was also very much involved in Irish Dancing. To say I had an active childhood in an understatement. I trained four days a week for athletics and twice a week Irish Dancing.

Apart from being active I entered a model search competition at the age of 16 with a couple of friends from school for fun. I had previously modelled as a child but this was all very new to me. I got to the final 10 out of 4000 girls and received a contract with a top Irish agency. I guess this was the start of another new chapter in my life.

In 2010 I got asked to enter the Miss Ireland Contest. I was runner up in the competition and was credited the winner of the bikini round which I took as a big compliment. The competition opened lots of doors for me in the Irish and International modelling scene. I have worked internationally in Dubai & Cape Town. I booked and shot the International cover of Runner's World magazine which was published in 4 Countries. South Africa, Germany, Australia & New Zealand.


After a successful 10 years competing competitively in athletics I decided to study Leisure Management in Dublin Institute of Technology. I now have a Bachelor of Science in Leisure Management as well as a certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness with the University of Limerick.  

All images on this by page taken by  Anneli Marinovich

All images on this by page taken by Anneli Marinovich

My Fitness JourneY..

Throughout my early twenties I used to run to keep fit and do a couple of gym sessions a week but I was ready to learn something new in the fitness industry. I had previously worked in a few gyms as a fitness instructor but wasn't fully satisfied. It was then while living Dubai that I got introduced to Crossfit. I noticed changes in my fitness within weeks of starting, I became stronger and more lean. Crossfit made me aware of how the body moves and the importance of good mobility. With exercise you need to bring to basics, if you're not squatting properly, you're not moving properly. 

As I always knew I would have a career in fitness I wanted to know more about Crossfit so I achieved my level 1 and I completed an apprenticeship programme in Crossfit.

Where I am now..

As travelling has always been a passion of mine, it was amazing to get to spend time in Dubai and currently Cape Town, South Africa where my boyfriend and I are now based. After finishing up in Crossfit I wanted to implement what I had learned over the years into something that people would have access to online. I believe that there should be no barriers to entry with fitness so I have created a platform where I can speak and share my fitness videos and health related tips. 

My Training..

After years of trying out different styles of training I have finally found what I feel works best for my body. I love mixing up my training up each week. Having structure is essential so I plan out my training weekly. I love to run, box, weight train, bodyweight train and of course stretch daily. I make it my weekly goal to swim in the cold Cape Town sea at least 3/4 times a week.