5 Rounds @ 45 seconds per exercise - 15 seconds rest between exercises

4 Rounds @12-15 reps - slow & controlled full extension V-ups - side V-ups (both sides) - low plank knee 2 elbow


1 Minute per exercise - 15-30 seconds rest between sets * Jump Criss Cross Squat *Reverse Lunge into Hop (30 seconds each leg) * Plank Jack to Stand * 10 Butt Kicks - 10 High Knees * Rock & Roll to stand


Try this resistance band workout ANYWHERE - im using a medium band and this add adequate resistance.

5 Rounds with little rest  - Reverse sit ups X15  - Low plank hip dips X20 - High plank toe taps X 20 -  Reverse Sit Up. 1 minute between sets


Try this no equipment needed Ab workout! Get the tight abs you have always wanted with this workout. 4 Rounds Focusing on good technique

This workout targets the lower body & core with a bit of arms added in too.

Target the glutes with this workout

5 Rounds, focus on quality of movement.