Welcome to my new site / by Laura Scanlon

Hey Guys,

Welcome to BodyZone by Laura Scanlon. I will be sharing with you my fitness and health knowledge that I have learned working in the fitness industry as a trainer.  My social  media journey started when I set up my Instagram account @Laura_Bodyzone and gained a lot of traction within weeks. I felt inspired to set up my own fitness website this year when I got to  spend time in South Africa. As travelling has become a  part of my life I love the idea of creating an online gym where I can share workouts without the commitment of joining a gym. I also want to share how exercising does not have to be a long slow slog and that it can be done in the convenience of your own home. How handy and cool would that be?!


I have combined many different bodyweight and light weight workouts on my Instagram account and YouTube channel that many of my followers have tried and tested and saw results. BodyZone.ie aims to help others create awareness of how to use your body as your own gym. While most training is centered around using weights I like to show the brilliance and benefit of using your own bodyweight. The list is endless of exercises to do using your own bodyweight so letโ€™s ensure working out does not become monotonous again.  I hope you all can take something healthy and positive away from my website :)

Laura x