Fitness And My Life - Blog For Crossfit 536 / by Laura Scanlon

Name: Laura Scanlon

Age: 27

Brief introduction: 

From an athletics background, I have always been interested in all things fitness. I studied Leisure Management in college in D.I.T. I am a qualified fitness trainer with University of Limerick and I am also a part time model.

Training / Sporting Background: 

From as far back as I can remember I was involved in Athletics competing at County, Inter County and National level. I won the all Ireland's indoors championships at the age of 14 and I held the Dublin Cross Country title for a number of consecutive years in my teens. I then went on to continuously do well at County and National level winning bronze in the outdoors 800m Nationals 2003. After a successful 10 years competing in Athletics I decided to study Leisure Management and this is when I got really involved in the gym, I worked in Jackie Skelly’s for a while but was always looking for something more. Then I got introduced to Crossfit and loved it straight away. I noticed changes in my fitness,I became more lean and stronger.

I went on to do my Level 1 and I completed a year of the apprentice programme with CFD with Albert as my head coach. Aside from Crossfit, I recently just completed my Level 1&2 mat pilates instructor course. I also just launched my new website it is a fitness blog and online gym where people can follow my workout videos at home or in the gym. I also have a good following on my Instagram account @laura_bodyzone and my YouTube channel has a variety of bodyweight workouts for when you can’t get to the gym. The focus is for you to utilise your body as your gym.

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness to me is not only about my body being fit, it’s just as much about my mind. Exercising gives me a positive outlook and mindset. I have yet to meet someone that does not feel better mentally after 30 minutes of exercising. To me it is a lifestyle choice and through my website I hope to share that with people.

Why you train at CF536? 

Great environment to train in, the coaches are excellent. Albert is a sea of knowledge and in my year under his guidance as an apprentice I learned so much that I will carry into my next chapter in the fitness industry. Also I kind of love being able to beat most of the guys when it comes to any running in the WODs ;)

What is your Favourite healthy meal? 

I love Avocados so I would say 3 Egg Omelette - Add some chicken, avocado, cottage cheese (high protein, good fats), Cook with coconut oil.


What is your Favourite Cheat meal? 

ANYTHING sweet unfortunately, a big bag of Pick N’Mix would be my vice but aside from sweets probably my mums homemade lasagna.


Fitness goals for the next year? 

To really work on my flexibility through what I have learned during my pilates courses and to master the art of teaching pilates also. To focus on growing into a business and to eventually sell online fitness programs to millions of people worldwide, well we can all dream can’t we!?