Workout Of The Day / by Laura Scanlon

Hi Everyone,

Its Christmas next week and we all know that means lots of food and drink so with that idea in mind exercise will be vital over the silly season. So here is a full body HIIT workout that can be done at the gym, in the garden or even in the house. Always warm up the body before, check out my YouTube channel for warm up routines but a light jog getting the heart rate up with some stretches will be sufficient. 

5 Rounds with little rest between sets of:


* High Knees Fast X 20

* Air Squat X 10

* Mountain Climbers Fast X 20

* Push Ups X 10

* High Knees X 10

REPEAT X 4-5 Rounds depending on fitness level. Always cool down after and stretch.

Full Body HIIT Workout - Working legs, bum, core, arms, cardiovascular.

Enjoy :)