Running Resolution / by Laura Scanlon

 Hey everyone and Happy New Year! Here is to a great year of reaching new goals. If running is a goal of yours, I have put together some tips to help stick to your Running Resolution.

1. Be Committed – If your plan is to go for a run on your off day be committed to it, it doesn’t have to be long, it can be short and sweet until you build up some endurance. Even if it is 10-15 minutes that is still a great start.

2. Good Attitude - having a good attitude towards running will really help you stick at it. Being mentally strong is half the battle so improve each day you run by a couple of minutes and really focus towards your own personal goal.

3.  Goals – having a goal to work towards will help keep you motivated as you will have something to prove to yourself. Look for a local road race or fun run that is coming up in a couple of months, even work towards the next mini marathon. Nothing is impossible and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

4. Speed Work – Endurance running is good but you need to keep your speed in check Fartlek is a style of running that picks up the pace for short intervals followed by easy effort running to recover. This will really help make you stronger and faster. If running in a park, use a tree 100m away as your target and recover the next 100m and so on.

5. Technique – Focus on good technique! To keep it short and to the point, look up Chi and Pose  Running Techniques to find out great methods that I have found to help my running technique.

6. Run Safe – To prevent from injuries always wear the right type of runners for running and always make sure to be visible during the dark mornings and evenings . Also remember to warm up and cool down properly and stay hydrated.

7. Be Strong – You can do it! No matter what your running resolution is, chances are it will take some level of sacrifice. Work it in or around your training or wake up that little bit earlier, skip a part of your lunch break or even miss out on that social occasion to help get that run in. It will be worth it. I recommend starting at 2 days a week to begin on top of your gym training then crank it up a notch to 3-4 days a week when you start to feel improvement.


Remember every little helps so starting out with a mile or 2 is perfectly fine. A resolution is supposed to be something that pushes and betters you so always keep that in mind. Any questions you can mail me on


Good Luck, Happy Running,