Tops tips to stay motivated to run / by Laura Scanlon

Hey guys,  

I got great feedback from my running blog last week on "Why I love running & why you should run". So I decided to give you my top motivational tips on how to keep motivated to run. 


  • Set a goal: if you have a goal set in your mind you are more likely to be motivated to keep it, especially if it is something set in stone, like a race. Participating in a race is also a great way to meet people in the running community. Your goal can also be a smaller one like, just being able to run better and more fluid in apox 4 weeks time.


  • Track your progress: this is a great idea. Wear a stopwatch and time how far you can run without breaks and try to beat this each time. Or time your sprint times, these will take a few weeks to see progress but persistence is key. There is nothing like being your own motivation. Keep a diary of all your training.


  • Follow a training programme: whether you join a club or just train yourself you should always follow a training programme, especially if you are new to running to ensure easing in with safety. 


  • Remember why you started: it is very important to remember why you wanted to start in the first place. Whether it was weight loss, tone up, gain speed, gain endurance always remember that. I started back up running training again because I wanted to get fitter. I was fit when I started but I remembered that feeling back 10 years ago when I was running fit and it feels pretty amazing. 


  • Grab a training buddy: No better motivation than having a friend to train with. If you join a club you will probably be spoiled for choice but if not a club then ask a friend if they fancy getting seriously fit for christmas and the new year. You can have some friendly competition together to push each other to keep going.  


  • Be nice to yourself:  My Dad who has been running his whole life has always said to me "Half the battle is in the mind" so focus on the right reasons to run. Don't focus on the person next to you running faster, they are probably thinking about themselves and so should you. Its you against you, so be proud that you are taking the step to becoming fitter and dont be so hard on yourself. Give it time and persistence and great things will happen. 


Harder, Better, Faster Stronger - Suggested tune for running- Daft Punk ;)

Laura x