WORKOUT OF THE DAY / by Laura Scanlon

Try this Ab, Arms & Butt workout 

This is an awesome workout for targeting the Abs, Arms and Butt. I'm using a 10 kg sand bag but you can also you a kettlebell or a dumbbell. For the plank push up you can use the floor if you don't have access to a sand bag. Ensure you squeeze your butt at the top while doing the leg kicks. Stand up between sets and shake it out as it can be quite tough on the arms. Finish the workout with 20 minutes interval sprints - 1 minute on, 1 Minute off for 10-12 minutes and cool down the remainder. If you don't have access to a gym, invest in a skipping rope and finish off with 2 sets of 100 skips with 60 seconds rest between sets.  Enjoy :)



4 Sets with 1 min rest between sets

🔆 Plank jump, pull through X15
🔆 Plank push up, leg kick X 20
🔆 Plank push up, In/out X 20

💪🏻 Feel the burn all over with this workout 😉💦