My New FREE "Running Workouts" Ebook / by Laura Scanlon

After the success of my "4 Week Fat Burn" ebook I have been working on creating a new one for you guys. This ebook is all about running. Running has been apart of my life since I was 8 years old and although people tend to have a love/hate relationship with it, the benefits are real. Running has no barriers to entry, if you own a pair of running shoes then you have no excuse! This motto always motivates me, its effectively true, unless of course you are injured. Running makes me feel a whole lot of feelings, some days are really tough but when you get that 'runner's high' after a run that makes me love it so much. 

If you own a pair of running shoes then you have no excuse
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With my new FREE ebook I have complied short & sweet running workouts with longer endurance based workouts. Now I am not talking marathon training because let's be honest, unless that is a personal goal of yours, we all don't have the time to dedicate to that type of training. With running it doesnt have to be a long slog so these workouts can be used at any point in your fitness regime, just add one in a week and slowly keeping adding the stronger you get. They can be repeated as long as you are pushing and challenging yourself. Run at your own level and ability. What might seem hard today won't be in 3/4 weeks time with some dedication and persistence. So download my ebook for free now, or if you are already a subscriber I will have sent it to your mailbox.

What might seem hard today wonโ€™t in 3/4 weeks time with dedication and persistence

Feel free to mail me or leave a comment below with any questions or concerns,

Happy Running,

Laura x