Top 8 Tips For December by Laura Scanlon


Can you believe December is almost upon us and it's almost the most wonderful time of the year :) Well I can't but I am feeling ready to enjoy the festivities while keeping on top of my fitness. I do understand It can be very easy to fall off the fitness bandwagon and tell yourself you will start again in January but let's be honest, it's much better to have more self control than that. I feel I have a slight advantage as we are coming into the summer season here in Cape Town but I will be home for a couple of cold weeks in Ireland so I will need some self discipline myself. I have added my top tips to staying on track this December (while also having fun ;))

1. Shopping- While you're out doing your christmas shopping, park further away than normal and get some added steps in. Be sure to wear good footwear (gym shoes) for comfort and with lots of healthy restaurants on offer, be sure to have a nutritious lunch. That way you can have a sly hot chocolate and you wont feel too guilty.

2. Hike - There is no better feeling than walking outside on a beautiful crisp day. Add some hikes in on the weekends over the festive season instead of lying on the couch watching movies. Feel good about going out at night after a morning of fresh air. Add in some bodyweight exercises for an added bonus. (see my videos for more)

3. Focus - Take your focus off food and wine and keep your mindset the way it would be throughout the rest of the year. Too much focus is about what you will eat next over Christmas. Try make it more about family and how you can all get out and do something active together. 

4. Regime-  Don't stop your normal exercise routine. Continue to do your classes, runs, yoga etc. It can be hard with Christmas parties but its ok if your a few minutes late to the party because you fit your run in after work. Your colleagues will be well impressed and slightly jealous of your calories burned ;) 

5. Say no- If you have had 2-3 nights out already, it's ok to say no and catch up with your friends the following week. Alcohol can take its toll on your body and you may become run down and even worse sick. So if you are feeling the effects of a few nights out, just take a rest from it.

6. Hydrate- lots and lots of water after a big night out. Rehydrate is necessary in order to feel good again. 

7. Home workouts - No excuse if you can't make the gym. My website has endless bodyweight workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home. 

8. Just run - running is an amazing form of exercise, my latest ebook has lots of different running workouts that are short and sweet. Sign up to recieve it now for FREE.

Laura xx