Fitness Videos by Laura Scanlon

Hi everyone, 

So my website has been live a couple of days now and I am so happy with the response so far. Thank you to everyone that has liked my new FaceBook page also. This is just a quick note to let you know that I add daily workout fitness in the videos section and also to latest videos section.  The majority of these videos are no equipment needed so there is no excuse not to give them a shot today :) Please feel free to comment or mail me if you have any specific style workouts you would like to see more of or focusing on different areas of the body. My YouTube channel is also full of a variety of different workouts for at home, outdoors and the gym. 

Here is one a workout I uploaded today. Its a core/ab toning workout that is sure to make you feel the burn and see results with persistence and healthy eating.  I added a 1 litre bottle of water to the Russian twists just to make it that little bit more challenging but for beginners just use bodyweight. Focus on form over speed. Its not about how quick you finish the workout its about good quality movement. Always remember to breathe and take breaks when needed. A good position when resting is lying on your back and allowing your knees to drop out to the left for a few seconds then to the right.


4 Sets with 1 Minute rest Between Sets, 


Enjoy, Laura x