Beauty Products To Pack In Your Gym Bag by Laura Scanlon

If you're like me and you want to keep your skin in check then this is the blog for you. I am very conscious about looking after my skin so I have my morning and night ritual that I do every single day but I also train once a day which means getting very sweaty and needing to shower a second time. So I make sure that I don't over treat my skin and that I use only the essentials before and after my training session. These are the top products I always have in my gym bag. Travel size are perfect as they take up less room and I am only using a small bit at a time.

  1. Micellar water: I use Bioderma for sensitive skin as taking your make up off and back on can cause your skin to dry out. I use this before my session to take off any make up to avoid clogging my pores. I also use it after my session/shower to wipe off sweat and ensure my pores are unclogged

  2. Cotton Pads: Literally couldnt live without these bad boys. Primark do an amazing big value pack and are really gently on the skin. Aldi also have an amazing value pack

  3. Rosewater- such an amazing product for toning and creating moisture to the skin. After I use the micellar water I use Rosewater on a cotton pad to remove excess dirt. It is very affordable and will last you ages. This is my must have product, oh and it smells amazing.

  4. Moisturiser - My morning and night regime is when I use my high end products with (retinol) so for my gym bag I use an Aldi day moisturizer to keep me going until I do my nightly routine. I find their range LACURA range such good value and amazing value. Their serum is also a must have for the neck and decollete area. I use the moisturiser after my gym session.

  5. Body - after my session and shower I love to moisturise with palmers coconut oil, its non greasy and all natural. 

  6. This is not in my gym bag but to keep my skin in tip top shape I love going to Clear Skin in The Beacon Quarter, Sandyford, Dublin 18, for their 5n1 facial when I am home in Dublin, but really your skin needs this professional TLC treatment every 6 weeks. They have a special running on this treatment now, click the link


These are my essential items and really cost effective ones that will last for ages in your gym bag. Keep these separate to the items you have at home so you never have to take them out of your gym bag. If you would like to know my morning and night skin care routine please comment below.

Laura x