Monday Motivation (does it really work) by Laura Scanlon

To me life is very much about balance. I don't deprive myself yet when I need to have willpower I mainly turn it up a notch with my training more so than my food. When I talk about food I'm really talking about my very very bad sweet tooth. I find it really hard when it comes to willpower and not having the chocolate bar or the bag of jellies, but I do have the power to know I need to kick my ass in the gym or the track, so that to me is good balance. In terms of real food like breakfast, lunch & dinner, I am pretty good. On a Monday I know that if I start well with food choices I will continue on well, its a simple analogy that almost tricks the mind and gets your good willpower in motion. My boyfriend has amazing willpower when it comes to food and that really comes in handy when I need a kick in the you know what. If I see him reaching for the salad I am more likely to make that choice also.

 So when I see the weekly "Monday Motivation" pictures that people post on instagram (and me also) I actually do find them really motivating, because if the girl I admire or look up to is eating well or hitting the gym then I want to also. I dont want to miss out on feeling good in body and mind on a Monday. I mean everyone needs a little nudge every now and again and thats fine but I find when I see my instagram feed flooded with healthy food and fit bodies it does give me the boost I need to reach for a protein filled salad rather than a big fresh crispy hot breaded chicken roll (as I salivate writing) but no in all seriousness you are going to feel so much better in body and mind when you start a Monday with healthy food choices and hopefully you will exercise too. Its one of those sayings that you hear all the time and couldn't be more true, those endorphins after a sweaty session, you just cannot beat. So why would you not want to start your week off feeling amazing, especially if you had one or two too many treats over the weekend. Let's keep this Monday motivation thing up I say, hell, lets keep the mid week motivation vibe going also, because we are all in this together so lets help each other be best versions of ourselves.

Laura x

My Experience With Vitamin B12 Deficiency by Laura Scanlon

What is Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is needed to produce a good amount of healthy red blood cells in the bone marrow. Vitamin B12 is only available from foods like meat and dairy or yeast extracts. Deficiency in B12 is defined by a blood test and results would show a lower number of red blood cells.

As I am active on a daily basis, eat well the majority of the time, I would never have thought to be deficient in something. I did however put my tiredness down to my daily exercise but when my sleep started to suffer and I became unusually irritable I thought maybe something was up. I did however avoid addressing these symptoms initially until I started to gain more. My appetite in the mornings completely went, I was never a big fan of breakfast to begin with but I understood the necessity of it so I always ate it. I also started getting regular headaches and then random heart palpitations. At first I thought they were from drinking coffee but when they started to persist every couple of minutes even when I was in bed I made an appointment with my GP. 

My GP was excellent and instantly put my mind at ease. After a general chat about how I was feeling, I told her all the symptoms I have listed above and I was then surprised to learn that they all were related. After a full routine bloods, everything came back normal apart from my B12 levels which were considerably low. There is no serious repercussions from a B12 deficiency apart from not feeling very upbeat and in my case headaches, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite and heart palpitations as my levels where very low. 

So my reason for writing this blog is to create awareness of getting routine blood tests every 6 months just to be sure everything is in check. Also to acknowledge that although daily life can make you tired and a bit sluggish its important not to just leave it, especially if you start to feel other symptoms like I did. Go to your GP and get yourself checked.


Although I eat meat and dairy on a daily basis, my body was obviously not absorbing enough nutrients. So my GP recommend that I get a Vitamin B12 injection over a course of 3 weeks once a week and then to take a B12 supplement daily after that for the foreseeable. 

I have to say after the third injection I started to feel myself again, the palpitations disappeared, my energy levels boosted and my sleep went back to normal. As many top athletes are known to get a B12 shot for energy levels there is no scientific evidence to prove it works unless you actually have a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

So here is to being health conscious and listening to our bodies :)

Laura x