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Staying Active Outdoors in Cape Town - with Cotton On Body by Laura Scanlon

I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I definitely do not take it for granted. When I was asked to collaborate with Cotton On Body on their new season fleece range and what inspires me to wander through nature, I knew I could think of many outdoors activities. I have compiled my top 5 outdoors nature activities in Cape Town, dressed in the cosiest new season athleisure outfits from Cotton On Body. Cotton On Body are a brand that I have loved since moving to Cape Town. Does anyone else live in gym gear Monday to Friday? Yeah, me too ;)

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1. Table Mountain

To this day every time I see Table Mountain it takes my breath away. In the summer months, Table Mountain looks truly magnificent against the blue backdrop of clear Cape skies but on these cloudless days the legendary white 'tablecloth' can suddenly cast over the mountain as if Mother Nature is talking to you. You really have to believe it to see it but the "tablecloth" across Table Mountain is raw natural beauty. Hiking on top of Table Mountain is a pure treat. I like to get the cable car up and down and then hike across the mountains top which is so vast in size that you forget you are 1000 feet above sea level. The views are spectacular on a cloudless day and the nature on top of the mountain includes many types of wild animals and birds.

The white 'tablecloth' creeping in on top of Table Mountain

The white 'tablecloth' creeping in on top of Table Mountain

2. Hiking

Simply put on your trainers and get moving, my ultimate favourite is Lion's Head hike. It is a big tourist destination and is a must do when in Cape Town. The views are endless from the start to the top. There are two ways to get to the very top, one with chains to help get up a bit quicker and another where you walk and do a slight climb, but both are doable and for the novice hiker.

1st Image is a view of Lions Head & Table Mountain  - 2nd Image is the views from the top of Lions Head

3. walk/run

When i'm running along the coast line down to Camps Bay I feel so full of energy and thankful that I get to experience a city full of beautiful nature. Seapoint promenade is a wonderful area for an easy walk/run. The endless sea views and epic mountain views of Lion's Head & Table Mountain are sure to leave you feeling totally refreshed and in awe of the atlantic seaboards beauty. For me I love running on the promenade down to Camps Bay and back, the full run is aproximatley 8-10k.

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4. Kayaking at Granger Bay

This is very much a special experience. From the spectacular views of Cape Town from the water, to the dolphins swimming right in front of your eyes and if you are lucky enough to see whales. This activity is really a must do for the adventure type. I went with a guided tour called Atlantic Outlook.

5. Signal Hill

Signal hill is right beside Lions Head and has amazing views and lookout areas of Cape Town. It is a beautiful location to have a picnic and also an epic place to watch the sunrise and sunset. There are no major hikes on Signal Hill but you can walk across to Lions Head. Don't forget your camera to take in all the natural glory around you.


If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere
— Vincent Van Gogh

No matter what country you are in, make an effort to get out and enjoy the natural beauty around you. Fresh air is good for the soul. Oh and you can always look good doing it too ;) thanks to Cotton On Body I sure did.

Laura x