5 reasons you should workout today by Laura Scanlon

We all have those days were motivation is at an all time low and you are just feeling straight up lazy. Well I can give you 5 reasons why you should not sit on the couch after work today and why you should get up, get out and move.

  1. "you dont know what exercise to do" - Well that is NO excuse, try this workout, all you need is your body, space and a skipping rope. (always warm up first)
  • 20 Air squat
  • 20 Lateral lunges
  • 30 Mountain climbers (fast)
  • 15 Sit ups
  • 100 skips
  • X 5 Rounds

And G0...........:) (check my videos section for lots more exercise ideas).

2. You will sleep better tonight - there is no denying that after a hard days work and a serious sweat session you end up sleeping like a baby, unless of course you have a baby and that I cant help you with :D

3. Endorphins - oh please tell me you know what I am talking about? Exercise can literally take you from stressful and down to alive and kicking. GO FOR THE RUN

4. Be a role model- your friend might be feeling the very same as you so why don't you be the motivator for you both. Meet in the park for a HIIT session, a run or go to a yoga class. I know I always get motivated training with a buddy. Be the motivator.

5. You will feel bad if you don't - and probably end up binge eating. Do not go to bed and wake up feeling regretful. Your body will thank you for it. GO EXERCISE


Laura xx

The Importance of stretching by Laura Scanlon

When I was young and actively involved in athletics I always remember warming up and cooling down properly with stretching. So I feel I have alway been aware of the importance of stretching but most people neglect it. It is a vital part of being physically active. You cannot be strong with muscles or aerobically fit without also working on your flexibility. Our mobility is something that starts to deteriorate when we get older but it is something that needs to be worked on every day in order to achieve our full range of motion. Without daily practice the joints and muscles become shorter and tight. This puts you at risk of injury or pain. Although it may sound time consuming, it is essential to feeling good. While most people sit at a desk all day, this can cause the hamstrings to become extremely tight. While flexibility won't happen overnight or even weeks, it will take months and dedication to reach good flexibility and then it will need continuous work to maintain it.

Hamstring stretch

  • Sit on the floor with your legs in front of you.
  • Slide your hands down your legs until you feel a nice intense stretch.
  • Hold for 30 seconds, then slowly return to a sitting position.
  • Repeat on both legs 3 times



Always warm up the body before stretching, research suggests that warming up on cold muscles can actually damage them. Skip, walk fast, jog, plyo movements all are good options of warming up before stretching. Always consult your doctor or physio before you start any new movements or if you experience pain.

The list of stretches are endless so do your research and get stretching daily.


Laura xx


My Interview by Laura Scanlon

As seen from

From walking for Moschino in Dubai to shooting swimwear for Brown Thomas in South Africa, Laura Scanlon’s modelling career has had so many stand-out moments that it’s hard to pick just one.

When she’s not at castings or shoots, Laura can be found training her fitness clients on the beach in Cape Town, or making workout videos for her site,

We caught up with the Dubliner to find out what makes her tick – and to drill her on her workout secrets.

As well as your modelling work, you’ve also now started your own business. What made you take the leap?

I started because of my love for health and fitness and after spending a number of years studying and working in the industry, I wanted to create a platform where I could share this knowledge.

My work is about making functional body training and high-intensity training available to everyone. There is a blend of full body workouts and also strengthening workouts targeting the core, glutes and upper body. Along with fitness videos, I offer health related tips.

You’ve always been very into sport, do you think that had an impact on your choice of career?

Yes absolutely, it made me aware from a young age the importance of eating healthily, getting an adequate amount of sleep and also how important it is to be physically fit.

Your modelling career started when you were still in your teens. Did you ever feel pressure to look a certain way?

I have always worked out, so had a very healthy relationship with my body growing up. I have an athletic body type, so I never considered myself to be the stereotype model body, though.

Dubai, Capetown… Your modelling work has taken you all over the world! Any highlights?

While working in Dubai, I got to work with a lot of high-end brands like Chanel, and Tiffany & Co but the highlight was most definitely walking the catwalk for Moschino in their SS13 show. Such an incredible experience!




One of the things that kicked your modelling career off was your decision to enter Miss Ireland in 2010. What was that experience like?

Being in the competition definitely opened up doors for me on the Irish modelling scene. It was a great experience and helped build my confidence. I had never done anything like it before and met some lovely girls.

These days you’re based full time in Cape Town, what drew you to the city?

My boyfriend lived in Cape Town for a number of years and we relocated back down last year. The outdoor lifestyle and weather makes it a perfect location for anyone working in the fitness industry, there is a real healthy feel to the city. I’ll be home to visit Ireland in May though!


You recently shot the Brown Thomas SS16 collection out there – that sounds amazing!

It was so much fun, Derek Daniels and Rob Condon from Assets Model Agency and Christian Shannon from Brown Sugar came down from Ireland. Derek and Rob directed the shoot and Christian styled the hair, so it was a fab day. I was delighted to get to shoot it.

What’s a day in your life like at the moment?

I’ll train clients in the mornings and then I’ll generally have castings during the day. With the weather on my side here, I get to train my clients outdoors on the promenade or on the beach, so I’m outside a lot. I’ll then spend the rest of my time working on… and hitting the gym myself.

And another important question – what’s a day on your plate?

It generally goes something like this…

Breakfast – Overnight oats with cranberries, coconut & raisins in almond milk with chia seeds & flax seeds.

Lunch – Omelette with spinach, cottage cheese & avocado.

Dinner – Chicken breasts with herbs & coconut oil, vegetables & sweet potato.

Snacks – green juice, nuts, greek yoghurt, blueberries or a protein bar.


Sounds delicious – and very healthy! Any favourite cheat meals?

Yes, I love a good cheeseburger and chips.

You have some brilliant quick workout videos on your site. What are your tips for busy women trying to stay fit?

Exercise should be an enjoyable experience, so do something that makes you feel good.

You don’t need a fancy gym to exercise, so by utilising your body as your own gym, there really is no excuse. Out of the 24 hours per day, allow yourself one of those hours to exercise, give it all you’ve got and feel amazing after. It’s a no-brainer.