Glute Activation Exercises by Laura Scanlon

Hey guys, 

One of my favourite areas to train is the glutes and here's why.

Benefits of training the glutes

The gluteus maximus, medius and minimus do more than just add roundness to your behind. These muscles play an important role in your body's functional alignment. Strong glutes protect you from injury, improve your athletic performance within the gym, especially weight training in terms of form when performing lower body exercises. Strong glutes are also necessary to become a strong runner. The longer distances you run without strength training the glutes, the more muscle loss you get. 

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The glute muscles also stabilize your pelvis while running and walking. Also good posture and hip extension all come down to good strong glutes, so if you are thinking you just want a rounder bum, you should also be thinking of the health benefits to gain from having a stronger booty.

Activate those Glutes

So to get the glutes activated (wake them up) just stop for a second and ask your brain to clench your bum, that is basically it. It is making a connection from your brain to your muscle to get it to move. This can be done during your warm up, just lie down on a mat, bring your heels in close your your glutes and drive your hips high as you can and squeeze, hold for a couple of seconds and return to starting position, this is the glute bridge exercise. Repeat this for 8-10 reps to get the glutes fired up and ready for your workout. Use a resistance band for added resistance and activation.

Glute Training

I love training the glutes, what girl wouldn't want a more toned bum in fairness (and guys too). I love doing the glute bridge exercise, I incorporate this exercise into my fitness regime at least twice a week along with other glute targeting exercises on other days too. It is very important to commit to a programme for glute building in order to see results. Results also won't happen without commitment to healthy diet and cutting out bad choices like sugary drinks and fast food. 

Why are Glutes so Inactive?

There are many reasons for this but one of the main reasons is we sit to much. Basically if you don't use it, you lose it. So even if you are training hard in the gym, you may be then sitting at your desk for the remainder of the day. Also have you targeted the glutes while in the gym? Most people would say I don't know or I think so. Unless you are running or walking on a serious incline on the treadmill you are not actually activating the glutes. Also if you are not targeting the glutes with certain exercises they are not being isolated. Of course squatting and deadlifts are good training methods for the glutes but these are compound exercises where as in this article my main focus is isolating the glutes. 

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What exercises should I do?

Here are my favourite booty activating exercises. These routines alone would not be sufficient enough as a workout but are an excellent way to isolate the glute muscle and get them activated. I would suggest doing this after a good cardio session, whether a run, bike session, row or cross trainer for a minimum of 20-30 minutes. 

Use a resistance band for added activation. I am using 2X 4kg dumbbells for the last exercise.

This is a tough enough workout so ensure you have warmed up properly and stretched.

Check out my YouTube channel for lots more exercises routines. 


Laura x