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Top 5 Tips for Beginner Yoga by Laura Scanlon

Hey guys,  

Ahead of international yoga day this week (July 21st) I wanted to share my top tips for beginner yoga. I am not advanced at yoga but I like to incorporate it into my fitness regime for flexibility and a challenge. 

Benefits of Yoga 

  • Increased flexibility.

  • Increased muscle strength and tone.

  • Improved energy.

  • Cardio and circulatory health.

  • Improved athletic performance.

  • Protection from injury.

  • Promotes happy endorphins.


Sukhasana Pose

Top Tips 

  1.  Free classes- Most yoga studios offer a free week or at least a couple of sessions before you make any commitment. Avail of this offer, go to as many as you can in the week, try out the variations of the classes and see which one you like most. Each teacher will have a unique style of teaching so see who you feel most comfortable with.

  2. Workshops - Most studios will offer a beginners’ yoga class workshop. I recommend taking part in at least one workshop. The workshops are designed to help you find proper alignment in your body and also help you get comfortable with terms and names before you head to class.

  3. Don't compare - this is a big one and even for me when I go to beginner yoga classes I see women extremely flexible (which I am not) doing these amazing poses. We all have unique strengths and weaknesses so try your best not to compare yourself to the others in the class. The reason you are there is to work on a weakness. 

  4. Go with a partner - bring a friend along and enjoy the new experience together. It will also make the experience less intimidating.

  5. Enjoy - Try your best not to take it too seriously and have fun learning a new type of fitness. 


Trikonasana Or Triangle Pose

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Vrikshasana aka Tree pose


Laura x


Run Better with These Exercises by Laura Scanlon


 High Knees X 20

Kick Backs X 20

Lunge & Torso Twist X 10 (each leg)

Runners Lunge (hold 30 seconds each leg)

Kneeling Hip Stretch (hold 30 seconds each leg)

Calf Stretch (10 reps each leg)

Glute Stretch (15-30 seconds hold each leg)

Quad Stretch ( 30 seconds hold each leg)

NB. 2 rounds before and after your run. You do not need to do exercises 1+2 (high knees, kick backs) after your run.

Tips for staying on top of your fitness this Autumn by Laura Scanlon

While its coming into summer here in Cape Town, I am know that I have a lot of followers from back home in Ireland and of course across the Western Hemisphere. So that is why I love to stay in check with you guys and offer my best tips. Know matter what the season you should alway try to keep fitness a top priority. Yes the days are shorter, colder and wetter but making some realistic changes will help

My Top 6 Tips

1. Water - Keep your water intake the same as summer, at least 1-2 litres a day. While the temperature has drastically dropped don't slack on your water intake. Hydration is key for the body to perform at its full ability.

 2. Run - If you were fond of running alone after work then its probably safer to join a running club or get a group to run with. The dark/wet evenings are not ideal for running alone so get some buddies to run with you. Always wear a hi vis top so you can be seen properly.

3. Vitamin C - up your daily dosage of vitamin C to avoid any nasty colds and flus. Or or flu fighting vitamins like echinacea drops in a small glass of water.

4. Workouts - too cold to hit the gym? No excuse! Do your workout at home, my website offers a range of bodyweight workouts so why start doing them :)

5. Food - meal prep could be your saviour during the winter months as its very easy to reach for the warm toasted cheese sandwich at lunch. So prepping your lunch the night before is key. 

6. Clothing - change of climate means extra layers. Invest in some good thermal training gear. The last thing you want is a cold for not being warm enough. You can always take layers off but always start with plenty of layers on. 

Don't dread fitness in the winter, make small changes and allow it to be apart of your routine.

Happy Training,