resistance bands

Core Activation Workout by Laura Scanlon

Resistance band exercises

Hey guys,

After talking about the importance of glute activation (core) in my previous blog post I wanted to share more exercises that can be incorporated in to your fitness regime. Ideally these exercises should be done before a run/weight session to prepare and activate the muscles for optimal performance and for injury prevention.

NB. Always warm up wth body before any type of exercise

What you need is a low to medium resistance band.

2/3 Rounds with 60 seconds rest between rounds:

1. Low elbow mountain climbers X 8 each side

2. Knees to chest - Legs apart X 12

3. Plank Jack X 20

4. High elbow mountain climbers X 8 each side

5. Glute bridge pulse X 20

6. Glute bridge (feet together) X 20

7. High plank glute kicks X 10 each leg

8. Flutter kicks X 10 each leg